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1988 - 2017


A strong, reliable company, steadily growing.

But much more too, and more significant: since 1988, the year of its foundation, Tempocasa has been a unique, unmistakable company, a leader in the sector of real estate brokerage.

Founded almost thirty years ago, it now has over three hundred agencies covering Italy from north to south.
It also has dozens of offices in the rest of Europe: in Spain, Portugal and Tenerife, then on to London, Luxembourg and Miami, with plans, in the near future, to open in France andGermany as well.
We have just one, decisive goal in mind: to double the TEMPOCASA network.

With a strong background of experience behind us, Tempocasa is a holding company that, in addition to the franchisor, includes a group of companies devoted to the development and provision of specific services, complementary to real estate brokerage.
Anyone who knocks on our door can be sure of finding a company that will follow them step by step for financing, insurance, technical and legal advice, as well as advertising.

For us, the key to success is people: our company strategy revolves around the determination to focus on our internal resources.
We have a serious, competent training school, affiliates and staff who are distinguished for their professional skill, enthusiasm and a strong sense of belonging.
When you visit one of our many agencies you perceive that sense of belonging right away. Our working methods are uniform and even from the “formal” standpoint there is a sense of community that is immediately noticeable: the apparel (the trademark blue-and-green necktie), the cars all bearing the company logo and the similarity of the offices are an unmistakable sign of loyalty to the group and ensure the customer of polished, professional service.

Always attentive to the needs of each customer and to the developments of the market, Tempocasa never stops and keeps evolving to improve day after day.